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MUHAMMAD FIRDAOUS (2nd from the left) is persistently educating his students.

FROM his calm face, a warm smile is easily expressed by this medium build man.

In front of him, a group of khusyuk ladies are listening and paying attention to each word expressed – a special lecture for mothers, that he conducts frequently.

In a single glance, one may mistakenly took that Muhammad Firdaous Abdul Rashif is only a young graduate or executive who is eloquent in his speech to capture the interest of his clients.

In fact, this 32-year-old man is a young entrepreneur, founder and chairman of Pusat Bimbingan Al-Islah located at Bertam Malim, Melaka.

“I really like the Quran. My intention is to open this center to help those in need like poor or orphan children and those who love the Quran, “he said, as he started to share his vision.

Originating from Bukit Panjang, Singapore, the eldest of the four siblings had the opportunity to study at Maahad Tahfiz Ummul Qura in Sabak Bernam, Selangor.

In 2005, he started his career at the Islamic Religious Council of Singapore.

During that period, he acknowledged that his heart always longed to do something that would bring good, especially to those in need such as the poor and orphans.

“That feeling makes me want to find something I can share with others,” he said.

Pusat Bimbangan Al-Islah

Muhammad Firdaous took a bold first step in opening the center at a shop house at Taman Rinting, Masai in Johor in 2009. The shop lot was wakaf to be used as a center to teach the Quran for freee.

His students then comprised of four orphans siblings aged between nine and 11 years old from Kluang, Johor. As time passed, he received more application to study at the center. Among them, are orphans and those from broken families.

“As the number who students who wants to learn the Quran is encouraging, reaching 50 people, I began to think of finding a larger piece of land to allow more people to pursue the tahfiz studies.

“An acquaintance of mine in the age 50’s then offered a 1.2 hectare land to be the center of tahfiz. This is the land he meant, “he said again.

The father of three continued to say that, “Following the agreement signed with the acquaintance, the center of tahfiz was allowed to operate for as long as required”.

Some facilities began to be established by Muhammad Firdaous. Starting with the building, it is followed by hall facilities, dormitories, surau and offices for the comfort of the students and staff of the tahfiz center.

After two years of operation in Melaka, the center became a field of knowledge to 80 students, comprising each of 40 men and 40 women. The center is run by 12 uztaz and ustazah.

Muhammad Firdaous said, of the 80 students, three of whom have succeeded in becoming hafiz of the Quran and are able to teach the Qur’an. In addition to providing free studies, the center of Tahfiz also advocated several religious-related programs including motivation camps especially during the school holidays.

The program is not just for children but adults and converts can participate in the study of the Quran in the center of the tahfiz.

Concerning the course fees of the Quran classes, it amounts only at RM45 per month for those who are able to pay while the asnaf and orphans are free.

Mohd. Hafiz Jafri, 14, an asnaf student expressed that he was happy to learn the knowledge in this tahfiz center.

“I entered the tahfiz center of Al-Islah when I was 10 years old. That time I attended a class at Taman Rinting in Johor. Alhamdulillah, now I am able to memorize 30 juz and all the juz I have completed last year, “he said, a student originated from Kota Tinggi, Johor.

Muhammad Asyiq Azman Hussin, 14, an orphan said he had successfully memorized 10 juz and in the process of memorising the remaining 20 juz.

“A fun learning atmosphere has made me so interested in joining the program in this tahfiz center,” he said.

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