Islamic Education / Tahfiz / Al-Quran Treatment

Sayidina Ali r.a heard from Prophet Muhammad s.a.w that, “ A person who memorized the Quran, adhered to that which is permissible, and refrained from that which is forbidden, Allah will admit him to Paradise and allow him to intercede for ten people of his family, all of whom deserved the fire.

Hadith related by Ahmad,Tirmizi,Ibnu Majah and Darmi.

Pusat Bimbingan Al-Islah with registered number: JM0586418K is a private company that offers studying, religious guidance in particular for full / part-time memorization of the Al-Quran.

The establishment of Al-Islah is with the awareness of the importance of the Al-Qur’an in the character of society, especially the young people in the archipelago.

The existence of such educational centers facilitates locals and neighborhoods to benefit from the Al-Quran.

Pusat Bimbingan Al-Islah is under the advice of Yang Berhormat Dato Haji Jefridin bin Haji Atan, Official Officer of Tun Haji Abdullah Bin Haji Ahmad Badawi, Former Prime Minister, Malaysia.

Pusat Bimbingan Al-Islah obtains “registration support” from the Islamic Religious Department – Reference : PPAJ / 6/03 / 014JId.2 (01).

Pusat Bimbingan Al-Islah gets the curriculum guidance from Al-Itqan Resources (M) Sdn Bhd Company.