Islamic Education / Tahfiz / Al-Quran Treatment

Mission of Pusat Bimbingan Al-Islah

Pusat Bimbingan Al-Islah is founded on the awareness of the lack of hafizah / hafizah in our society even after the persistent efforts of the government and the private sector.
The existence of this center focuses on helping and serving those interested in making it easy to learn the knowledge of Al-Quran.
This center is expected to assist in the development, memorization and appreciation of the Al-Qur’an as well as an educational platform, tarbiyah and goodness of all Muslims.
The Tahfiz Center is also working towards achieving the following goals:

  • Producing students to read the Al-Quran in the best possible way and thus memorize the entire Al-Quran.
  • To cultivate the importance of learning, understanding, practicing and communicating all the commandments of Allah s.w.t based on the book of Allah and the sunnah of the Prophet s.a.w to the whole surface of nature.
  • Producing noble students with the guidance of the Al-Quran and the Sunnah of the Prophet s.a.w., to be a person who truly believes and fears Allah.
  • Creating a young generation who can live the religion in their lives and raise awareness about the importance of practicing Islam.
  • Producing the daei’, the learned scholars and leaders with 30 Qur’anic foundations in his heart and able to guide the society and the people towards the pleasure of Allah.
  • Train students to be devoted to the religion, parents, communities and countries.
  • Free education for those in need like orphans, poor and muallaf.