Islamic Education / Tahfiz / Al-Quran Treatment

Tahfiz Methodology

Below is the technique for the memorization system at Pusat Bimbingan Al-Islah.
Students who take part-time classes through similar techniques but not as wholesome of full-time students. (shorter studies period)

Studies at Pusat Bimbingan Al-Islah are expected to take 3 to 5 years to complete depending on the students’ ability.
Upon graduation, a final examination will be held.

Syahadah of tahfiz will be awarded to successful students.
The level of study at Pusat Bimbingan Al-Islah is as follows:

Nazirah Level : At this stage students will be exposed to the method of reading the Al-Quran, the correct tajwid and the smooth reading of the Al-Quran.
Memorization Level : Students will begin memorizing the Quran starting from juzuk 30 and 29, then beginning from the beginning of the first to the end.
Expertise level : The ending student will repeat the memorization and execute the expertise that will take 1 year. The course is intensive where students are required to read aloud with tawjid the entire Al-Qur’an without making a single mistake.

Read with the correct makhraj and tartil.
Read slowly and aloud.
Deep fluency and memorization.

Each student must go through the process of reviewing five lessons before the teacher:
I. Sabak – (New Lesson) as a single page (according to ability)
ii. Five Sabak – Students repeat reading 5 new memorized subjects.
iii. Para Sabak – Juzuk is being studied up to a new lesson.
iv. Para / Mukhtar – All the previous constituents.
v. Manzil – The last reading of the lesson was read aloud without looking at the Al-Qur’an as much as 3 constituencies in sequence.

The new lesson will be checked by the teacher carefully without any mistakes in the letter or line and be read in full and smoothly.
Markers are used to mark errors. It contains 4 things:

  • Reading with wrong tajwid.
  • Error in the mention of the letter.
  • Error in sentence / line.
  • Forgetting the next sequence of sentences.
  • The Goal:
    • In order for students to know their mistakes in reading.
    • Train deep focus on the Al-Quran.
    • Trying to memorize 100% of the Holy Al-Qur’an earnestly.

They are students who have finished memorizing the entire Al-Quran (30 juz).
At this stage, the hafizes will be trained to master the accuracy of the reading, the correct letters, the verses, the verses of mutasyabihat (almost similar verses) by the name and order of the sura, stop signs and tajwid laws.
At this point, students need to read as many lessons as possible (manzil) without seeing the whole Quran.

REVISION methodology for EXPERT Level
Memory methods are the same. Read over and over again until reading is correct and consistent.
The difference is only on the division of time for which it is determined by the student’s time to four semesters.


Students will repeat their study by ¼ juz daily
This means that students will memorize one juz within four days.
Through this method this level will complete in 4 months (approximately)

In the second semester, students will review their studies for half a day daily for two months.
Previous lessons will be reviewed 3 to 5 juz daily.

In this third semester the students did not have any new lessons. Students are asked to review the previous lessons.
About 5 juz daily and manzil consisting of 15 juz every day for the duration of 2 months

In this fourth semester the students are required to read the whole of the Al-Quran (30 juz) daily in a fasting period of 40 days.
At this stage students are not permitted to see the Al-Quran except when there is mistake.

InsyaAllah if every student can follow the order set out above, we are confident that every student will succeed in becoming a truly expert hafiz in the memorization of the Al-Quran

Students are not expected to make any mistake in reading and memorisation of the the whole Al-Quran in the same manner that the Al-Fatihah is accurately read in each prayer.
This repetition process is expected to take up to nine months or more.